An Idol in My Life

This post is part of a series called Let's Get Vulnerable

Last week Matt preached an incredibly challenging and inspiring message entitled “My Plus One is Different From Me”. If you haven’t heard it, I’d suggest that you give it a listen. And if you have heard it, just listen again – it’s great!

Although I paid close attention to the message in both the morning and evening gatherings, God challenged me through a thought based on a small comment that Matt made at some point. The thought was:

“What are your idols?”

I can’t recall how this thought crossed my mind, but it did. I spent some time thinking about it and realised that I have a few, but there’s one idol that moulds my thoughts and actions more than most. And that idol is something that surprised me:


How can marriage be an idol? Well, it’s quite simple. I spend a lot of time thinking about and desiring to get married. It consumes a lot of my energy and it has shaped the way I live my life. It even affects how I spend my time, who I spend time with, the way I look at others and some of the other decisions that I make. Here are some examples:

  • I spend time thinking about what I’d like in a wife. “What will she be like?”
  • Every time I meet a new girl, I immediately start evaluating if she matches up to my requirements. “Could she be the one?”
  • Many decisions are made with my marriage in mind. “How will this affect my marriage one day?”

I think that it would be better if God took that place in my life, if my thoughts went more along the lines of:

  • “What is God like and what does He like?”
  • “He is The One, so how do I make Him happy?”
  • “How will this affect eternity?”

So I’m planning on being a little more conscious of what I let occupy my thoughts and how I make decisions. I’m trying to make God the centre of those thoughts and decisions. It’s going to be hard work, but I have no doubt that it’ll be worth it.

But now I challenge you – what are your idols? What consumes your thoughts and moulds your decisions? If you’re comfortable, share them below and let’s discuss them and help one another out with this.


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