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The BIker and The Beggar

The Biker and The Beggar

A few days ago I saw the perfect expression of how charity can destroy dignity, and how charity does not empower the poor. I had taken an offramp from the highway and was stopped at the traffic lights. There was a lady with a child, sitting on the side of the road, begging. A motor…

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Corfe Castle

This post is part of a series called UK 2015 This afternoon we stopped in at Corfe Castle. It’s an old castle that now lies in ruin, but the adjacent Corfe town is absolutely beautiful. We spent our time walking around the town and then sat down for sweet tea – tea and scones with…

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The peddle beach at the Durdle Door

A Dip at the Durdle Door

This post is part of a series called UK 2015 The alliterative titles are back! Woo hoo! This morning saw us taking a trip out the the Durdle Door. It’s a natural limestone archway right on the coast in the middle of a pair of beautiful beaches. Our morning outing took a scenic drive out…

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Touch down in the UK!

This post is part of a series called UK 2015 And we have arrived! Gaby and I are safe and sound in the UK. We arrived a few minutes early, made our way through passport control, baggage claim and customs without issue. She met up with her cousin and has headed off to start her…

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Transfer in Doha

This post is part of a series called UK 2015 We’ve arrived safely in Doha and now sit and wait for our next flight. I really enjoyed the first flight – the Boeing 787 is a beautiful aircraft and a pleasant flight. Our next flight is aboard the Airbus A380, an aircraft I’ve wanted to…

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London Bound…Again!

This post is part of a series called UK 2015 Once again I’m off to London! A few hours ago I climbed aboard my Qatar flight toward London with the primary purpose of attending my friend’s (Taryn’s) wedding. While in the UK I will also be visiting other friends (Dean and Carmen) and having a…

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Outside In

We had a great prayer meeting at the Renown Church, Edenvale Campus on Wednesday morning (2015-05-27.) We prayed about a number of things, but there was something that really stood out to me. It was something that Matt said while he was praying – I can’t remember his exact wording – and a thought really…

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An Idol in My Life

Last week Matt preached an incredibly challenging and inspiring message entitled “My Plus One is Different From Me”. If you haven’t heard it, I’d suggest that you give it a listen. And if you have heard it, just listen again – it’s great! Although I paid close attention to the message in both the morning…

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Life is Unfair! I’ve had enough!

Life is unfair. We all know that. And I’ve actually had enough of being put down by the unfairness that is inherent of life! Life’s unfair, get used to it! That’s an expression I’ve head far too often. But how much does this help when you’re in the situation? Nothing at all. Why do we…

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Zambia! July 2014

For many years now I’ve wanted to go on a mission trip with my church, Highway Church. A few years ago I had planned to go and started the process, but ultimately could not go. My desire to go sort of ebbed and flowed since then. This year was one of the years where I…

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