Outside In

We had a great prayer meeting at the Renown Church, Edenvale Campus on Wednesday morning (2015-05-27.) We prayed about a number of things, but there was something that really stood out to me. It was something that Matt said while he was praying – I can’t remember his exact wording – and a thought really struck me: What affects my … Read More

An Idol in My Life

Last week Matt preached an incredibly challenging and inspiring message entitled “My Plus One is Different From Me”. If you haven’t heard it, I’d suggest that you give it a listen. And if you have heard it, just listen again – it’s great! Although I paid close attention to the message in both the morning and evening gatherings, God challenged … Read More

Life is Unfair! I’ve had enough!

Life is unfair. We all know that. And I’ve actually had enough of being put down by the unfairness that is inherent of life! Life’s unfair, get used to it! That’s an expression I’ve head far too often. But how much does this help when you’re in the situation? Nothing at all. Why do we have to get used to … Read More

Zambia! July 2014

For many years now I’ve wanted to go on a mission trip with my church, Highway Church. A few years ago I had planned to go and started the process, but ultimately could not go. My desire to go sort of ebbed and flowed since then. This year was one of the years where I wasn’t particularly keen on the … Read More

Travel Technology

My friends were scheduled to land at 06:35, but their flight was running about 20 minutes early. Not a problem though – my bus was due to arrive early and I was at the airport just a bit after 06:25. As I was coming up the escalator to the terminal I got a text to say that one of my … Read More

But He loves them anyway

On Friday night (Good Friday, 18/04/2014) we held a stay awake for the youth of Highway Church; Double Impact. One of our late-night activities was to hold a Tenebrae service. The service moved through the different things that Jesus had to endure on His way to the cross. Not the physical things, but the emotional things. Something struck me as … Read More

Are your priorities prioritised?

If you had to ask God what makes one person a better Christian than another, what do you think He would say? I’m not sure He would say that one is better than another, but the point is, what do you think is most important to God? Possible priorities Would it be the amount of time you spend with Him … Read More

Does God always give back?

A little while ago God challenged me to start giving more money as an offering to Him. It started with one project’s wage, but God soon prompted me to give Him a whole lot more – basically everything that wasn’t my regular, base income was to go to God. My response was: “That’s fine, but then I have nothing left … Read More

The night God cancelled church

Every Sunday evening we have our evening campus at Highway Church. It’s usually a small gathering, but definitely one of my favourites, just like every other Highway gathering. I particularly enjoy the intimacy and the repeat message from a Sunday morning – it gives me a chance to really listen more deeply into the message. But tonight, that didn’t happen. … Read More

Could you have the next big app?

Apple announced that in 2013 the App Store did over $10 billion in turnover, with over $1 billion in December 2013 alone. I’d wager that you wouldn’t mind a piece of that pie. And I’d also wager that you have an idea that could do it for you… The idea It’s happened! You’ve woken up one morning with “it”. The … Read More