Let's Get Vulnerable

These posts are me being real and vulnerable. I state things the way they are, not the way they should be. And then include, what I believe, is the way things should be.

I ask that as you read these posts you don’t judge me, but understand that I am not perfect and that I am working on these things. I also ask that you hold me accountable for these things – if you see/hear me doing something that I’ve expressed here as wrong, call me out on it…in a loving way, please.

Further to that, I challenge you (if you’re reading this, I mean you) to be a little more real and vulnerable with those you can trust. Posting online may not be for you, and that’s ok. But if you like, feel free to tweet me, comment, post your own thoughts on your blog…whatever works for you.

More than that, enjoy reading – I look forward to discussing some of these often-difficult topics!

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